Hollywood TreasureTeam

Tracey McCall

Client Relations

Tracey McCall is the newest addition to the Profiles in History family. She primarily works with the company's celebrity clientele in setting up appraisals and one-on-one meetings with owner Joe Maddalena to secure consignments for Profiles in History. She also acts as a phone bidder for the company on auction day. Tracey is instrumental in working with the various charities and outside events that Profiles in History supports.

An Ohio native, Tracy moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago and began her career as a TV/Movie consultant. She's also an actress and has enjoyed time in the spotlight through numerous film and television appearances including Gilmore Girls, What I Like About You and Private Practice.

In her spare time, Tracey has a passion for fashion and loves scouring flea markets for unique gems. Her favorite find is a gold and jeweled serpent bracelet and a hand painted Asian room divider.

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