Abra Brayman


Name: Abra Brayman
Age: 38
Expertise: Set & Production Design
Occupation: Artist/Designer
Hometowns: Los Angeles, CA
Residente: Los Angeles, CA

Abra Brayman is a visionary designer. She works in film, television, theater, dance, opera & events. She is a production/set designer, art director, set decorator, property master, scenic & fine artist. She also has a passion for costume & fashion design. She has a double MFA Degree in Set & Costume Design from the California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts). She earned her BA in Fine Art from the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) & the Il Bison International School of Graphic Arts in Florence, Italy.

Abra has worked for the Los Angeles Opera Company as an Assistant Scenic Design Manager & assisted Julie Taymor & George Tyson on the world-premiere of 'Grendel'. She has also worked with world-famous installation artist Ann Hamilton at the American Pavilion, Venice Biennial. "Being on Hot Set was a great opportunity for me to challenge myself as a designer and a great vehicle to show the world as an artist", explains Abra.

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