Brandy Alexander


Name: Brandy Alexander
Age: 50ish
Expertise: Ability to create unique environments with others, to achieve a great style for a set or home or location concept, while having fun
Occupation: Production Designer for television shows and Interior Design for homes
Hometown: Raised in New York, NY moved to Woodland Hills, CA with family, now lives in Beverly Hills, CA
Residence: Beverly Hills, CA

Brandy Alexander established herself as a prominent Television Production Designer early in her career, setting the look to such high-quality television series as "thirtysomething," "Sisters," and "Party of Five."  She was twice nominated for an EMMY  - for "Best Art Direction for a Series" for her work on "thirtysomething", and then collaborated with the same producers again to design the time-less series, "My So-Called Life". During these years, Brandy enjoyed working with such EMMY and ACADEMY Award-winning directors, producers and writers as Ed Zwick, Marshall Herskovitz, Scott Winant, Winnie Holzman, Ken Olin, Paul Haggis and Steven Bochco.

With minimal set construction, she has created the style and distinct look, by modifying the carefully chosen locations, for many pilots that have become successful series, such as "Jericho" with director Jon Turtletaub, and "Providence" with director Michael Fresco.
She is best known for her current design work on Showtime's "Dexter."

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