Carl Dove


Name: Carl Dove                                             
Age: 34                                                  
Expertise: Versatile Designer/colorist/consultant/space planner for interiors and events
Art director/Set designer/Stylist for TV and Print                                              
Boston, MA                                                      
Residence: Los Angeles, CA

Carl wanted to participate in Hot Set for fun competition and to show others what a set designer does and what he actually does.  Having started out as an on-set dresser on Fox's series "Worst Case Scenario," Carl quickly transitioned into film dressing where he worked on features including The Day Laborers (Los Janaleros). While working in film and television production, he also would work on television commercial and print campaigns as a prop stylist for major brands ranging from Target to Macy's to Neiman Marcus. As he moved through the ranks to production designer and art director, Carl worked on some major television shows including History Channels Bible Mysteries, True TV's LA Forensics, and TLC's Untold Stories of the ER.

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