Craig Pavilionis


Name: Craig Pavilionis
Age: 43
Expertise: Intricate Designs
Occupation: Production Designer
Hometown: Ashland, OR
Residence: Los Angeles, CA

Growing up in Southern Oregon provided Craig with a national environment to develop Craig's creative interests early on. He spent most of his spare time building and painting small projects around the house. His interest in architecture at a young age inspired him. He was always interested in structural design. After moving to Los Angeles in 1989, Craig realized his creative calling was in the motion picture business. He started off working on low-budget movies and quickly found his way into set construction. Craig served as a set carpenter and foam sculptor for a few years and then began doing props on commercials. After a 7-year run in the commercial world, Craig was able to combine his creative and management skills to become an Art Director and Production Designer.

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