Greg Aronowitz


Name: Greg Aronowitz
Age: 42
Expertise: Film design and product creation
Occupation: Production Designer
Hometown: Bayonne, New Jersey
Residence: Los Angeles, CA

Over the past two decades, Greg Aronowitz has honed his skills as a special effects artist and design specialist by contributing to over two hundred films and television projects. His visual sense and wide-ranging abilities have been called upon by every major studio, and have made him a valuable commodity in the independent circuit. Greg has collected a large library of techniques to suit any size schedule or budget, having worked in with high profile directors including Steven Spielberg and Roger Corman. Through his company BarnYard FX, Greg's ability to deliver a rich visual style for an achievable budget keeps him in constant demand. Even on the largest of productions, Greg is often found wearing multiple hats; he has held almost every position on a film crew-- From script supervisor to production designer, boom operator to sound design, gaffer to director of photography, producer to director.

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