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25 Most Outrageous Oversized Objects
Season 1 - Episode 106
25 Most Outrageous Oversized Objects
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Best Out of Context Quotes

1. "Look at the size of the ball bearings on that thing!"—Ralph Garman
2. "I've never had so much fun wasting precious food in my life!"—Janet Varney
3. "Are you sure it's a good thing to inflate this thing with propane?"—K.T. Tatara
4. "Warning, you must be at least four inches tall to ride."—Josh Gates
5. "You know, when Peter Parker gets up there in age?  This is how he's going to get from building top to building top."—Samm Levine

Funniest Moment

1. "So much for the theory that wearing black is slimming."—Samm Levine
2. "It's official!  Michael Bey has officially run out of ideas for Transformer movies!"—Ralph Garman
3. "Babar is back, and boy is he pissed!"—Ralph Garman
4. "Hulk love denim!"—Janet Varney
5. "Call me when you make a chalupa the size of a Cutlass Supreme."—Al Jackson

Most Cringe-inducing moment

Arthur the oversized, drunken puppet-man in Sligo, Ireland.

OMG worthiest moment

Thirteen meter-tall axe, meet Cal's car.  Most epic revenge prank, ever.

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