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The Butcher Of Iquique
Season 1 - Episode 6
The Butcher Of Iquique

In the season finale of Killer Contact, the gang heads to Iquique, Chile to reveal once and for all how a bustling mining town became a ghost town nearly overnight. Set against the backdrop off a massacre during which a bloodthirsty Chilean general ordered the slaughter of thousands of protesting miners, this episode finds Austin, Molly, and the rest of the team diving deep into this dust bowl in order to find out whether history really is simply written by the victors.

While most are content to pin the blame on General Renard, also known as the butcher of Iquique, historical accounts of the mining town of Humberstone reveal that its namesake, and owner of the mine, was a brutal employer who paid his employees with tokens that only held value within the confines of his town rather than legitimate money. Perhaps harsh conditions and low wages were to blame for the dissolution of Humberstone in addition to the wrath of General Renard.

Of course, the details that make Humberstone worth our team's attention go beyond the pages of history. Visitors to the abandoned town have reported being accosted by ghostly visages of women and children charging at them in grief and rage. This obviously piqued our team's interest, but Humberstone is a sprawling space for 5 lone paranormal investigators to investigate all on their own.

With Adam and Hector's ingenuity, the gang is able to divide and conquer using their entire arsenal of techniques for communicating with those beyond the mortal plane. Hector rigs up some recording equipment onto a remote control car and takes it for a spin in some of the less accessible nooks and crannies of the ghost town, while Adam uses a 3D visualization of the site to optimize their areas of exploration.

While Molly and Austin head to the industrial section of the town, most likely to simulate her brutal murder yet again, Greg - the antagonizer - lives up to his name by taunting the spirits of impoverished miners. He dumps a satchel of pesos (probably worth no more than $5 American) on the ground and needles them with remarks like "How rich would this make your family?" Unsurprisingly the spirits aren't feeling terribly cooperative after this stunt.

Ultimately, the gang leaves Humberstone in the same state of mystery in which they found it. But that doesn't mean that their days of finding the hard truths are over by a long shot!

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