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Austin Cook

Team Leader

With 10 years of paranormal investigations under his belt, Austin Cook is considered one of Franklin, Tennessee's premiere supernatural experts. As a result of Austin's passion for Civil War history and his stellar reputation in the field, the Heritage Foundation has given him carte blanche to explore historic homes and other venues all over Williamson County.

When not investigating the paranormal, Austin is a music producer in Nashville, where he has been producing artists' albums for 12 years. He has a music agency that he began over nine years ago and started a record label that had a partnership with Warner/Curb/Word Entertainment. Austin also has a real estate investment company and, in his spare time, flips houses – 12 of them so far – because he enjoys taking houses that nobody wants and turning them into a home that a family is ecstatic to buy.

Both his hobby and career have helped with his paranormal investigations – Austin's experience with historic architecture, in dealing with everything from foundation to electrical work during flipping houses, has been put to use while debunking reports of paranormal activity, while his expertise with music production has enhanced his ability to analyzed EVPs. 

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