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The Holy Grail
Season 1 - Episode 6
The Holy Grail
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Perhaps the holiest of lost relics is the Holy Grail, the chalice used by Jesus Christ at the last supper. After Christ's blood touched the Grail, it is said that gained the power to heal any illness. The Grail was recently equated with the concept of the sacred feminine spirit or the female descendents of Christ. Ashley has been studying Rosslyn Cathedral in Scotland for 15 years, and he believes the physical grail may have been hidden there.

Ashley's mentor reveals that William Brewster, one of the first pilgrims on American soil, visited Rosslyn Chapel just weeks before he set sail. This unlocks meaning for Ashley, who has been studying a symbol that he believes is a map. Though it looks like a flame atop a chalice, resting on a pedestal, when laid over a map of the UK, it points to North America. Could the Grail have been moved from Rosslyn to the US?

Kinga and Ashley take the hunt to the landing place of the pilgrims - Providence, MA. This city is home to a tower built by the Freemasons, a society known to appreciate balance, especially between the feminine and masculine. They follow the Freemason trail to Bunker Hill, where another tower commemorates the beginning of US sovereignty. A ranger there tells them that they are looking at the second monument built on this site, and they are shocked when they see that the original is an urn, perched on a tower. They realize they must go to the original center of U.S. Freemason activity: Washington, D.C.

The Freemasons believed in the power of the obelisk, an inherently male symbol. But since the Washington Monument is a cold trail, they begin to look for female symbols, seeking the balance that Freemasons prized. They examine the city with fresh eyes to find a statue of a woman perched right on top of the Capitol Building. The woman represents liberty… they are close, but there's still something they're missing.

They rack their brains, and realize that the ultimate female symbol, also representing freedom, is the Statue of Liberty in New York. They rendezvous with a Statue historian, who reveals that the designer of both the statue and her pedestal were Freemasons.

Kinga and Ashley are struck by the recurrence of the flame symbol, first in the map in Rosslyn, then on the urn in Providence, and now on the great, welcoming statue in New York. Although they're unable to dig into the original torch, housed in lobby of the Statue, they feel such a strong sense of concomitance, it's as if they could reach out and touch the grail, safely secreted by Freemasons and their allies for years in the flames of the original torch.

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