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Holy Lance/Incan Golden Sun Disc
Season 1 - Episode 103
Holy Lance/Incan Golden Sun Disc
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When Jesus Christ drew his final breath on the cross, a roman soldier pierced Christ's side with a spear. That spear was said to have the power to control the fate of humanity, and its owners, including Emperor Constantine, Attila the Hun, and Charlemagne, all wielded tremendous power over their known worlds. When it found a home in the Austrian treasury, Hitler gazed upon it and vowed to himself to be a leader such as those that had held the spear.

Though Hitler once took the spear for himself, it has been restored to the treasury - but Ashley doubts its authenticity. After an intense conversation, the treasury's curator reveals that forensic tests have proved that it is not the original spear, but a replica. Ashley and Kinga resolve to find out what happened to the original.

One person who might help is Ninny Huszarek, a friend of Ashley's from the Knights Templar. She suggests that, of the many rumors surrounding the true whereabouts of the spear, the most likely explanation is that Hitler's right hand man, Heinrich Himmler, stored the spear with countless other occult relics in the Nazi castle in Wewelsburg.

On site at the evil fortress, they speak to the woman in charge, who says that many people believe Hitler made a replica of the spear. Did General Patton, after reappropriating relics at the end of World War II, know of the replica? And if he did, is the real spear on U.S. soil?

A confidential source speaks to Ashley on the condition of anonymity, revealing that if the spear does exist in the U.S., it is almost certainly contained in the infamous Area 51, one of the most highly guarded military spaces on Earth. If the spear is being held there, Ashley and Kinga don't stand a chance at unraveling this mystery.

In another hemisphere many centuries earlier, the Incans, the native people of Peru, created a disc that was said to control and direct earthquakes. When the Spanish invaded the Incan nation, they stole many gold artifacts and melted them down for currency, but there's no mention in the meticulous Spanish records of the gold disc, implying that it still exists in one of the many Incan ruins.

Ashley has a map of the Incan world, drawn a few decades after the Spanish sacked the temple that held the disc, that he believes is also a treasure map pointing the way to the disc. They follow the map through the sacred Incan direction of northwest to Sacsayhuaman, where a guide tells them to go even higher into the mountains.

Halfway through their treacherous drive, a landslide washes out the only road leading to the sacred site that is their destination. Could it be that the disc, which controls earthquakes, senses their approach? They will not be deterred: they travel via one-inch cable across a treacherous ravine to meet a guide on the other side. He tells them that Monco Inca, Incan king during the Spanish invasions, consulted with an oracle not far from where they stand. They follow the symbols in the map ever higher and farther northwest until they reach a sacred temple. The map suggests that the disc is buried directly beneath them, but as the temple is a protected site, there's no way they'll be able to dig up the earth. The disc, if it is there, will remain buried for who knows how many more ages.

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