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Solomon's Ring/Merlin's Treasure
Season 1 - Episode 105
Solomon's Ring/Merlin's Treasure
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One of the most powerful rulers of the ancient world was King Solomon, who was said to have the ability to control demons by using a magical ring created by the archangel Michael. Solomon's ring was cast into the ocean, where it was swallowed by a fish, turning the mighty king into a beggar. By chance, Solomon used his last coin to buy the very fish that swallowed his ring, thus restoring him to power.

Ashley and Kinga begin their search for the ring in Jerusalem, peering into archaeological digs, speaking to dealers of rare and ancient relics, and searching underground tunnel systems in search of clues of King Solomon and his ring, decorated with the interlocking triangles that form the Star of David. In a deep, subterranean tunnel, Ashley spots a triangular archway, which inspires him to superimpose the Star of David over a map of Israel. Doing so, he notices that the city of Tel Megiddo, whose name means "Armageddon," is at the top of the star. What better purpose to preserve a demon-controlling ring than for use in Armageddon?

In Tel Megiddo, they discover photos of a prayer hall dating from the days of Christ, with a symbol on the floor depicting two fish. One fish certainly represented Christ, but could the other represent Solomon?

If Solomon figured so prominently in early Christianity, surely his ring is under safe keeping in the power seat of modern Christianity - Rome. Flying over St. Peter's square, Ashley and Kinga see another symbol, an eight-spoked wagon wheel. Ashley sees that the spokes are actually the letters of the ancient word "ickthus," or fish, and recalls the ring that all popes have worn, the Ring of the Fisherman. The fish symbol and the strong connection of Solomon to early Christianity tells Ashley that the ring that rests on the Pope's hand, the Ring of the Fisherman, could be the very ring of Solomon, itself.

The explorers next move on to Ashley's homeland of Scotland, where King Arthur may have built his stronghold of Camelot. The mystery of Merlin's burial place, said to also house the magical treasures that allowed Arthur to rule with potency, has long plagued scholars, and Ashley and Kinga intend to solve this mystery.

Ashley's colleagues direct him to a church in Stobo, Scotland, where a stained glass window depicts Merlin being baptized. The contradiction of such a powerful Druid wizard converting to Christianity piques Ashley's curiosity, and he asks the minister if there could be some deeper meaning. The minister tells them that one legend says that Merlin died in Stobo, while another suggests he fled to France.

The Welsh spelling of Merlin's name on the window points Ashley to Brittany, the only place in 6th Century France where Welsh was spoken. Their research points them to a small church rich with images of Merlin, one of them showing the wizard pointing to a spring northwest of that very church. Just northwest lies a Druid spring with a structure of stones resembling a hollowed-out tomb. Intuition tells them that Merlin rests just underneath this stone structure, but as they're unable to remove the stones, they'll have to content themselves with the belief that a little magic still exists in a corner of this world.

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