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The Holy Grail

Edinburgh, Scotland - Rosslyn Chapel

Ashley: I have visited Rosslyn Chapel many times, and I have written many thousands of words about it. Rosslyn Chapel holds many secrets, but most appealing to me is its connection to the Holy Grail - whatever you think that is.

Kinga: Rosslyn Chapel has become so iconic that it was nearly overwhelming to think that we would have the opportunity to visit. Beyond our clues to the Holy Grail's whereabouts, the actual chapel itself is one of the most peaceful spiritual places I have been to. The concept of spirit and nature in the same space is beautiful and appropriate. Getting to see the symbols that Ashley himself uncovered was impressive to say the least. Outside we met with a Knight Templar who gave us some wonderful information toward our quest but would not teach us the secret Templar handshake. We settled for clues about the grail.

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