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Fae Name: Morragh
What: A lake monster.
Origin: Scottish

Fae Name: Norns
What: These ancient crones rule the destiny of gods and men. They dwell at the bottom of the sacred ash tree of the world, Yggdrasil, and represent the past, present and future.
Origin: Nordic mythology

Fae Name: Oracle
What: A person who acts as a source of wise counsel, prophetic opinion, prediction or precognition of the future.
Origin: Ancient Greek

Fae Name: Redcap
What: Malevolent beings that murder travelers and use their victims' blood to dye their trademark hats.
Origin: England

Fae Name: Salamander
What: Incombustible fire beings with temperamental, wrathful dispositions.
Origin: Ancient Greek

Fae Name: Siren
What: Fae that enchant and control people with their melodious singing.
Origin: Ancient Greek

Fae Name: Succubus
What: A female creature who seduces people and draws energy from their life-force or chi to sustain themselves, often until the point of exhaustion or death of the victim.
Origin: Various/Mediterranean

Fae Name: Will O' the Wisp
What: A mischievous trickster that haunts the lonely heaths, marshes and roads and delights in using false fires to lead gullible nightly travelers astray often with disastrous results.
Origin: UK folklore


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