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Anna Silk


Bo is a Succubus, a mythological creature who uses sex to feed, heal, and kill. Raised as a human by strict adoptive parents, she was taught that sex of any kind was evil. However, at age 17, Bo's internal need for sexual energy, or 'chi,' became so strong that she gave in to her urges. Bo was untutored in her power and unaware of how to control it, which led her to accidentally kill her first lover. Traumatized by this, Bo left town, vowing to never succumb to her urges again - a promise she was incapable of keeping, leaving her with an increasing body count and mounting regrets. But when she met the Fae, her ancient, long-warring kin, she found new hope for a "normal" future. Now more able to control her powers, Bo uses her supernatural abilities to help others while trying to navigate her first real romantic relationships.  

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