Rick Howland

Trick is the mysterious old owner and bartender of The Dal Riata tavern, a "way station" that serves as neutral territory for the local Fae, and where all traveling Fae must check in and make their allegiances known. Politically savvy, if not politically ambitious, Trick is also a secret confidante and mentor of Dyson's, as well as Bo's grandfather (both were shocked by this news). Trick is also "The Blood King," a powerful Fae sage who can alter fate if he writes certain outcomes in his own blood. So, you know, don't mess with him.

About Rick Howland

Actor and singer/songwriter Rick Howland may be most recognized for his appearance in Canada's top-grossing feature film Bon Cop Bad Cop as Hockey League Commissioner Harry Buttman. Howland has also played opposite Meatloaf in To Catch A Yeti and in numerous short films, including the award-winning Santa BabyShort Tongue Freddy and Martiro, to name a few. Other television credits include Billable HoursThe Murdoch Mysteries, The Royal Canadian Air FarceSue Thomas F.B.Eye and Train 48.

Howland was also the writer and performer in the Four Strombones Comedy troupe that toured the comedy clubs of Toronto for 12 years.

You can follow him on Twitter @Rick_Howland