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All Revved Up
Season 1 - Episode 103
All Revved Up
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Jarrid is pumped for the newest event, a no-holds-barred, manly motorcycle event. Yaniv Evan, founder of Powerplant custom motorcycles, hired Marcel and his crew to cater the launch party for Powerplant’s clothing line, and has given the scientific chef carte blanche for the menu. In the test kitchen, the foursome comes up with awesome remixes of American classics to match the killer custom bikes and clothing.

The chicken fried steak will be steak breaded with actual chicken skin; the animal-style fries, normally fries with meat, cheese, onions and thousand island dressing, will be made with beef tongue and caramelized onion puree; mac and cheese becomes “mac and chains” – the noodles are pure cheese, molded from copper rods – and the s’mores are thermo-treated marshmallow ice cream balls, heated on the outside but frozen on the inside, served on chocolate and graham crackers. To drink, Devon will reinvent the root beer float (ginger whiskey with a frozen beer sphere). But Jarrid’s mind is racing on his hype invention: a custom motorcycle sculpture that not only looks badass, but makes up for the venue’s lack of kitchen by sporting cooking surfaces on its gnarly back.

But the first bump in the road comes when the mac and chains won’t congeal properly. The team has the bright idea to treat the rods with nitrogen to make them colder, but then Jarrid scolds the milk in the second batch, forcing them to start over. Marcel really loses it when the scale, needed to measure each element in the cheese mixture to the fraction of an ounce, malfunctions. He can’t take it anymore – he and Jarrid go crazy and give the ratty scale an old-fashioned beat down.

The next day, Yaniv comes in to taste the menu, and Marcel’s on edge – not all of the dishes are ready, and Jarrid came in hours late because he was up all night working on the cooking bike (which doesn’t even have the equipment it needs).

Tension carries over to the venue, and though the dishes and the cooking bike are all hits, Marcel is a nervous wreck, and he’s taking the stress out on his team. Jarrid and Devon are ready to throw punches – they can’t stand being treated badly when they’re working frantically to make the dishes and drinks a roaring success. Jarrid is even on the verge of walking out, but he and Devon hold it together long enough to make it through the night. They’re furious at Marcel, but he, thrilled that Yaniv and his guests are so wowed with the results of the crew’s hard work, is oblivious to the tension brewing with the guys. Will it blow up in his face, or will the Quantum Kitchen pull it together and live to dazzle another party?


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