The Gates of Avalon
Season 1 - Episode 7
The Gates of Avalon

Morgana has a terrible nightmare that shows Arthur's death at the hands of a strange but beautiful girl. She does not fully understand, but the intensity of the dream scares her.

When hunting in the forest, Merlin and Arthur come across a girl, Sophia, and her father, Aulfric, under attack from bandits. The Prince wades in and, with a little covert magical help from Merlin, successfully sees the vagabonds off. Arthur offers the pair refuge in Camelot.

It becomes apparent that Arthur is quite taken with the beautiful Sophia, but when Morgana sees her she is far from happy - this is the girl from her nightmare. Morgana tells Gaius of her dream and, although he does his best to hide it, it is clear she has raised his suspicions over Camelot's new guests.

It seems Morgana may be right about Sophia and Aulfric, as we see Aulfric use magic to kill the bandits from the start of the episode. Maybe their meeting with the Prince wasn't such an accident after all...

Gaius is concerned when he learns Arthur has been shirking his responsibilities to spend time with Sophia. Wary of Morgana's dream, Gaius sneaks into the Guest Chambers. There, he finds Aulfric's staff, which has ancient scripture carved into it, but before he can investigate further, Aulfric returns. Gaius makes his excuses to an angry Aulfric and leaves, but not before he notices a red flicker in the stranger's eyes.

Gaius is now convinced that the guests are up to no good, and so he confides in Merlin. The young warlock follows Aulfric to a lake, where their concerns are verified. Merlin's powers allow him to see a gathering of magical people hovering over the water. Aulfric converses with them, begging passage back to Avalon, the land of eternal life, from which he and his daughter have been banished. The elders refuse. Aulfric's daughter's passage may only be bought with the life of a mortal prince.

A stunned Merlin rushes back to Camelot to tell Gaius what he saw. The pair work out that Sophia and Aulfric must be Sidhe, a magical people with the gift of enchantment. Merlin knows he must warn Arthur, but it might be too late.

As Merlin tries to warn Arthur of his findings, he is ambushed by Sophia and Aulfric. They knock the young warlock unconscious with Aulfric's staff and make a run for it with Arthur in tow. When he eventually regains consciousness, Merlin stumbles out in hot pursuit.

Merlin races to save Arthur from sure death, but he must first battle the immensely powerful Aulfric. An epic fight ensues, and Merlin eventually saves Arthur before he drowns. The whole sequence plays out just as Morgana's dream predicted.

Arthur is saved, but Gaius tells Merlin he must not reveal Morgana's dreams were true. If Uther were to find out she had any magic at all, ward or no ward, he would surely sentence her to death. Does this mean that Morgana is like Merlin? Does she have a gift? Gaius is cagey - he hopes for her sake she does not.

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