The Nightmare Begins
Season 2 - Episode 3
The Nightmare Begins

Morgana's bad dreams are back, only now her waking hours aren't safe either. As she stirs from a nightmare, her bedroom curtains burst into flame. Arthur thinks lightning is to blame, but the King is convinced an intruder wanted Morgana. He orders Arthur to draw up a list of every person in the kingdom they suspect of having associations with magic, and arrest them.

Morgana also fears sorcery is to blame but she knows there was no intruder; she somehow started the fire with her eyes. She goes to Gaius, but he quashes all talk of magic in order to protect her from Uther. Merlin's shocked. He knows better than anyone how lonely and afraid Morgana feels, and he wants her to receive the same reassurance and protection Gaius has offered him.

In a moment of panic, Morgana looks at a vase in her bedroom and it explodes. Frantic, she rushes once more to Gaius' chambers, but Merlin is there alone. She can't help pouring her heart out to Arthur's servant, begging him to confirm her worst fears. Merlin desperately wants to tell her the truth and reassure her that everything will be OK, but he has Gaius' warning ringing in his ears. He holds his tongue.

Merlin might not be able to help Morgana directly, but he knows who can...the druids. He asks the Great Dragon where they can be found but the Dragon guesses it's for "the witch" and won't be drawn. He warns that Morgana can't be trusted - it would be better if she never knew the extent of her powers. Merlin is incredulous, but the Dragon stands firm.

Desperate, Merlin sneaks a look at the address of a druid sympathiser on Arthur's list of suspects and gets to her just as the palace guards start their mass arrest. He saves her from capture and begs a favour in return; the whereabouts of the druids. He then passes on the information to Morgana, and she immediately sets off alone.

Fraught with worry for his ward, Uther assumes kidnap and issues a decree to flush out Morgana's captors - all his prisoners will be executed unless she is safely returned. Alarmed by the consequences of his actions, Merlin uses magic to sneak out of Camelot and head for the druids' home - The Forest of Ascetir.

Deep in the forest, Morgana is attacked by magical, scorpion-like creatures called Serkets. She is rescued by the druid Aglain, who tends to her wounds and reunites her with the druid boy Mordred, with whom she shares a strange bond. Aglain assures Morgana that her magic is a gift for good.

Merlin finds the druid camp, drawn by voices heard only in his mind. He begs Morgana to come home to prevent any more deaths, but Morgana resists; she has finally found her true home among the druids. Merlin can't help but envy her, but it's too late - Arthur and his soldiers have tracked Merlin from Camelot.

Injured Morgana can't keep up, so Merlin creates a diversion. Morgana's grateful, but Merlin's magic can't hold Arthur back for long. The soldiers take down Aglain and pluck Morgana to "safety." Mordred is surrounded and Merlin is stunned to witness the young druid use powerful magic to repel two soldiers.

Arthur returns Morgana to Camelot, and Uther's relief is immense. Later, Merlin assures Morgana she can trust him with her secret, and offers his friendship. But Morgana feels more isolated than ever. So does Merlin. The burden of his secret has never weighed more heavily.

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