The Coming of Arthur - Part 2
Season 3 - Episode 13
The Coming of Arthur - Part 2

It has been one week since Morgana was crowned Queen. To punish the disobedience of the knights of Camelot, she turns her firing squad on the watching townsfolk. Meanwhile, Merlin flees, pursued by immortal warriors. Exhausted, the young warlock disappears into a cave. He looks around at his comrades: Gwaine, Gaius, Elyan and Arthur, who sits dejected and alone. He seems to have completely given up the fight.

Merlin tells Arthur that, without him, Camelot is lost. Arthur reasons that it is lost already, but Merlin is not so sure. He reminds Arthur that his father has never needed him more and encourages him not to give up without a fight. The Prince is left thoughtful.

Morgana is frustrated that the Knights will not pledge allegiance to her. Gwen suggests that she might be able to make Sir Leon see sense, and Morgana is pleased that her maid would do that. We discover, however, that Gwen has no intention of betraying Uther. She explains that she will use her position within the castle to help the Knight escpae. Together, they will flee the city and find Arthur. Unbeknownst to them, Morgana and Morgause have heard the whole conversation. Morgana is furious, but Morgause tells her they will let the traitors escape, and then follow them…straight to Arthur's hiding place.

Gaius finds Merlin frantically hunting through his meager bag of possessions. Merlin smiles as he holds aloft the vial given to him by the Fisher King. In his darkest hour, the vial is supposed to show him the way. The young warlock spends the rest of the night staring at the vial and incanting spells, but to no avail. Tiredness takes over, and he begins to fall asleep. He wakes with a jolt as Gwaine brushes past him, and watches the vial slip from his hand to smash on the floor. In the darkness, a vision begins to appear.

Merlin is shocked but pleased to see a vision of Freya emerge from the water of the broken vial.  She tells him that, in order to defeat an immortal army, he needs the sword forged in the breath of a Dragon: Excalibur.  

Meanwhile, Gwen has been busy executing her escape. She forges a new dungeon key and wastes little time in getting it to Sir Leon. She then returns to her house to wait for his escape.

With the land overrun with Immortals, Merlin has no choice but to summon the Great Dragon to carry him to the hiding place of Excalibur, in the depths of the Lake of Avalon. The Dragon reminds him that, when Camelot is safe, he must place it where no mortal man can wield it. Merlin sails out to the center of the lake and looks on in astonishment as a hand thrusts out of the water clutching the sword. Merlin hurries back to the camp with Excalibur in his hand.

Sir Leon joins Gwen at her home, where he is horrified to see he must dress as a woman. But they have no time to waste and Sir Leon quickly changes before they head out of the castle under the siren of the warning bell. Morgana and Morgause watch them leave.

As morning breaks, Arthur gathers the outlaws together and tells them that no one knows the Citadel of Camelot as well as him. Together, they will break in and rescue his father - the first step to reclaiming the throne. The gang hear rustling in the trees and draw their swords, but they are happy to see that it is Gwen and Sir Leon. Their happy reunion is short-lived though; Elyan darts through the trees to tell them the Immortal Army are close behind. The gang, once again, flee.

When it looks like all is lost, the gang look up to see a rockslide envelope the approaching immortal warriors. A figure appears out of the dust and rubble: Lancelot. There is a nervous silence, until Merlin steps forward. Arthur reaches out his hand in gratitude to Lancelot - old rivalries set aside. Lancelot introduces them to Percival, a likeable strongman who was the cause of the landslide. The group set out for an abandoned castle, where they can seek refuge and form their rescue plan.

On arrival, the gang search for weapons and supplies before meeting beside an old round table to make a toast to Camelot. Arthur explains the significance of the table and asks his friend to join him in reviving of the tradition of equality that it symbolizes. They gather round, each pledging to fight for loyalty and freedom. He then asks Gwaine, Elyan, Percival and Lancelot to kneel and be knighted by his sword.

Later, as the rest of the gang are sleeping, Merlin confides in Lancelot his secret plan. While the others are rescuing Uther, Merlin aims to reach the cup and empty it of the blood within, destroying the immortal army. Despite being aware of Merlin's magical powers, Lancelot knows how dangerous such a mission will be and offers his services.  Unbeknownst to them, a concerned Gaius has heard the whole thing.

The following morning, as the Knights prepare for their journey to Camelot, Gwen tells Arthur how proud she is of him.  As he pulls her in for a tender kiss, Lancelot watches them from across the room. Later, the gang make their way towards the citadel and creep inside via a secret passageway. Merlin and Lancelot quickly encounter resistance, but Merlin manages to catch an Immortal with Excalibur and it is reduced to dust. Merlin senses the Cup is close, and the duo head towards the Council Chambers.

The rest of the gang find themselves outnumbered in the cells, but before the attack can prove fatal, Arthur uses his sword to throw some cell keys to the imprisoned Knights and set them free. They pour out of the cells and join the fight, leaving Arthur time to rescue his father.

Merlin and Lancelot reach the Council Chambers to find it swarming with immortal warriors. After a ferocious battle they reach the Cup but Lancelot has been seriously injured. Merlin must act fast. The young warlock is about to destroy the Cup when, suddenly, Morgause appears and propels him away from it with a magical force.

As she is about to deal another thunderbolt, Gaius emerges from nowhere. The old physician summons a spell from deep within, and Morgause is blasted backwards by a powerful magic. As she turns her wrath towards the old physician, Merlin regains his senses and hurtles her into the wall. Taking Excalibur, he then destroys the Cup of Life, sending the Immortals' blood flying from the goblet.

With a scream, Morgana enters the chambers and takes in the crumpled form of Morgause. She orders Gaius to help her sister, but he refuses. With her world shattered, Morgana's hate is hardened into a violent and terrifying force. A huge crack rips across the floor towards Merlin, Gaius and Lancelot, windows shattering above them as the room implodes. The trio run for it.  

As a new day breaks in Camelot, victory bells ring out the joyous news. In the Main Square, Arthur explains to Merlin that Uther has changed - his daughter's betrayal has deeply affected him. Merlin wonders whether it is time for Arthur to take the crown.  

A parade of immaculate looking Knights ride into the is Sir Leon, Sir Lancelot, Sir Gwaine, Sir Elyan and Sir Percival. They are escorting Gwen. Arthur rushes over to greet them and openly pulls Gwen in for tender embrace, for all to see.  Peace may now be resumed in Camelot, but Gaius fears they have not seen the last of Morgana and Morgause. Merlin also has unfinished business to attend to. As dawn breaks in woodland near the city, the young warlock draws Excalibur high above his head and with the full force of his magic, plunges the mighty weapon deep into a large stone.

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