His Father's Son
Season 4 - Episode 5
His Father's Son

Arthur faces his first true test as King when he incurs the wrath of the formidable Queen Annis by executing the leader of an invading force. The powerful queen vows vengeance on Camelot and leads an army to attack. 

With the lives of thousands hanging in the balance, Arthur must find the strength to be his own man and become the leader Camelot so desperately needs. This is made even harder when, on the advice of the manipulative Agravaine, he shuns Gwen in order to put forth a kingly image. But the serving girl's parting words - "You have a good heart - be true to it. Only then will you be the king you want to be" - resonate, and on the eve of battle, Arthur sneaks away to parley with Queen Annis.

Once in the monarch's presence, he apologizes, and offers a trial by single combat in place of a massive battle. The queen agrees, and Arthur faces a giant brute with the added weight of Morgana's treacherous magic bearing down on him. But with Merlin's help, he's able to emerge victorious, showing mercy to his fallen foe and winning the respect of Annis. Triumphant, he returns home to apologize to, and reconcile with, a loving Gwen.

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