Lancelot du Lac
Season 4 - Episode 9
Lancelot du Lac

When Sir Lancelot returns from the dead, old feelings reignite. Gwen must fight temptation before she commits an unspeakable act of betrayal, one that would destroy the legacy of Camelot forever. With heads and hearts thrown into turmoil, Merlin becomes suspicious. Can a man really defy death, or is there something more sinister at play?

Arthur makes a bold decision - he's going to ask Guinevere to marry him. Agravaine takes this information to Morgana who, enraged, vows to destroy the union by unleashing the one thing that can come between the noble lovers: Lancelot. With her magic, she brings the knight back from the dead, but as a shade who must bend to her will. 

Back in Camelot, Arthur's successful proposal is celebrated with a tourney, but the event is interrupted by Lancelot's appearance. Everyone is thrilled, but Merlin quickly grows suspicious when the returned knight appears to not know about the young wizard's magical powers.

When Gwen does not immediately fall to Lancelot's charms, Morgana enacts her backup plan: An enchanted bracelet that fires Gwen's passions and leads to her into Lancelot's arms. A furious Arthur banishes her from Camelot despite her protestations and Merlin's attempts to beg Arthur to forgive her. 

Soon afterward, Lancelot is found in his cell, apparently having committed suicide. Merlin takes the body to the shore of Nemhain, using his magic to bring peace to his deceased friend and setting his remains on their final journey across the lake.

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