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Seeing Double
Season 1 - Episode 101
Seeing Double
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Cleve Hall isone of the best monster makers in the business. At SOTA, a studio that makes creatures for movies, Cleve works with an eclectic bunch: his daughters, Constance and Elora, his  ex-wife, Sonia, colleagues Johnnie and Hill, and his longtime friends, Roy and Cindy. 

SOTA is seeing one of its busiest times - they've been contacted by Sean Cunningham, director of Friday the 13th, about a very special job. Sean and his son, Noel, are creating a new movie that features a scene where conjoined twins rip apart from each other, and Sean knows that Cleve is just the man to make two identical twins look as if they share one body. Despite the vote of confidence, Cleve knows that this assignment will be a killer.

On top of the bizarre, bloody prosthetic torso they have to make for the twins, Cleve and his team also have to create a two-headed shark for the movie house, The Asylum. The producers show Cleve their original design idea, one shark head stacked on top of the other, and it's all Cleve can do to keep from laughing. He goes back to his studio and sketches out a side-by-side double shark head, which the producers, thankfully, love.

Building a giant two-headed shark out of foam is not as easy as it might sound, and when the Asylum team drops by unexpectedly to see the shark still in media res, they get worried. The pressure ratchets up and Cleve and Constance must put in even more work - sometimes forgoing sleep - in order to finish the shark to the client's expectations.

And they're not the only ones losing sleep. Although the Cunninghams are very happy with the conjoined torso prosthetic, they've moved the deadline from two weeks to a few days. Hill pulls an all-nighter, and still has to inject the foam latex with a special stabilizer that allows it to cure in a fraction of the time. 

They show up to set hours late, and because of the anatomical placement of the prosthetic, only Constance and Sonia can apply it. Cleve almost has a coronary from the time pressure and the risks of tearing the one-shot prosthetic, but it all works out and the scene is a success.

And the double shark kills on camera, as well. The blood rigging, the teeth, the stellar paint job, all come together to allow the shark to destroy its prey with the appropriate amount of gore and terror. The producers are thrilled, and Cleve's team heads out for some much-deserved relaxation.

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