NeverlandCharacter Origins


James Hook first appeared as an incidental character in early drafts of J.M. Barrie's play Peter Pan; or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up. Knowing how fascinated children were with pirates, Barrie expanded the role until he became the story's primary villain and foil for Peter Pan. Described as having been Blackbeard's boatswain and "the only man Long John Silver ever feared," Hook was characterized by his missing hand (severed by Pan and replaced with a silver hook) and his fear of the crocodile that, having swallowed it, followed him around Neverland.


Before he was a pirate, Jimmy Hook was a gentleman of London, operating on the outskirts of society and running a fencing school as a front for his more underhanded undertakings. His network of young thieves do the dirty work while Hook hopes for the one big score that will get him readmitted to the upper echelons of the civil world. In Neverland, he discovers a new side to himself after falling in with Captain Bonny's pirate crew.

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