NeverlandCharacter Origins


The Lost Boys are Peter Pan's compatriots in Neverland, aiding him in his adventures and battles against Captain Hook and the crew of the Jolly Roger. According to J.M. Barrie's description, the Lost Boys were whisked away to Neverland after falling out of their baby buggies and going unclaimed for seven days. According to Peter, there are no "lost girls" because girls are too clever to be lost in such a manner.


Generally older than the children depicted in Barrie's work, Neverland's Lost Boys are a crew of orphans who've fallen under the influence and employ of Jimmy Hook. Led by Peter, they serve as pickpockets and thieves for Hook's stolen goods racket. When they find themselves in Neverland, a world of adventure opens for them, but the stakes are higher than they might have imagined.

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