Too Far, Fast Forward!
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Being Human

Too Far, Fast Forward!

Season 4 Episode 9 Aired 03-10-2014 tv-14

Still trapped in the past, Sally reaches out to an unlikely ally to rectify the present – Bishop. Guest starring Mark Pellegrino as Bishop.

Available Episodes

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    There Goes the Neighborhood - Part III

    Season 4 Episode 13 (4-7-2014)

    Sally makes a major sacrifice to keep two of her roommates from killing each other – a move that will change all of the roommates’ lives forever.

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    House Hunting

    Season 4 Episode 12 (3-31-2014)

    As moving day arrives, the roommates discover they aren't the only ones struggling with leaving, as a looming threat takes center stage.

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    Ramona the Pest

    Season 4 Episode 11 (3-24-2014)

    The roommates discover a hidden room in the Brownstone – and an even darker secret.

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    Oh, Don't You Die For Me

    Season 4 Episode 10 (3-17-2014)

    Aidan struggles to keep his promise to Suzanna, Sally attempts to deal with her feelings for Aidan and Josh learns being leader of the pack brings responsibilities he didn’t bargain for.

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