Face Off

About Face Off

In this competition/elimination series, special effects make-up artists participate in elaborate challenges for a grand prize and the honor of being Hollywood's next great effects artist.

Wizard of Wonderland

Wizard of Wonderland

Season 7 Episode 6
(Aired 8-26-2014) tv-14

Available Episodes

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    Wizard of Wonderland

    Season 7 Episode 6 (8-26-2014)

    The artists take the characters from The Wizard of Oz and morph them as if they live in Wonderland.

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    Animal Attraction

    Season 7 Episode 5 (8-19-2014)

    The artists must select two types of animals and create a mash-up of them.

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    Twisted Trees

    Season 7 Episode 4 (8-12-2014)

    The artists must create their own angry and twisted trees, each afflicted with a particular malady.

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    Ancient Aliens

    Season 7 Episode 3 (8-5-2014)

    The artists must create alien looks inspired by the extraterrestrials that might have created some of the world’s greatest wonders.

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    American Gangster

    Season 7 Episode 2 (7-29-2014)

    The artists must create Dick Tracy-inspired gangsters based on the nicknames of real life gangsters.

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    Life and Death

    Season 7 Episode 1 (7-22-2014)

    Sixteen artists arrive to compete – but learn that the first challenge is their final audition. Who will make it onto the true competition? Featuring Robert Englund as a guest presenter.

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