About Haven

In the town of Haven, ME, residents are cursed with superhuman afflictions known as "The Troubles." Audrey Parker and her friends try to help the "Troubled" while uncovering deeper mysteries.



Season 5 Episode 11
(Aired 11-21-2014) tv-pg

Available Episodes

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    Season 5 Episode 11 (11-21-2014)

    Duke and Audrey are forced to seek the help of dangerous allies in order to save Haven.

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    Season 5 Episode 10 (11-14-2014)

    A CDC scientist could expose Haven’s secrets to the outside world – but does she have her own agenda?

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    Season 5 Episode 9 (11-7-2014)

    When Audrey and other residents are overcome by a mysterious illness, the truth about the Troubles could be exposed to the outside world.

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    Season 5 Episode 8 (10-31-2014)

    Now that she’s no longer immune to the Troubles, Audrey must call upon a familiar face to help bring Nathan back to the land of the living.

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    Nowhere Man

    Season 5 Episode 7 (10-24-2014)

    Audrey and Nathan are reunited, but a paranormal Trouble could tear them apart forever.

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    The Old Switcheroo - Part 2

    Season 5 Episode 6 (10-17-2014)

    Mara capitalizes on the fallout from the latest Trouble, forcing Duke and Nathan to make a desperate attempt to get Audrey back.

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    The Old Switcheroo - Part 1

    Season 5 Episode 5 (10-10-2014)

    While Vince and Dave head to North Carolina to investigate Dave’s past, a body switching Trouble hits Haven.

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    Much Ado About Mara

    Season 5 Episode 4 (10-2-2014)

    Dwight and Nathan go head to head in what to do about Mara, and potentially end the Troubles forever.

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    Season 5 Episode 3 (9-25-2014)

    Nathan makes a desperate attempt to recover Audrey, leaving Duke and Dwight to deal with a trouble that could burn Haven to the ground.

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    Speak No Evil

    Season 5 Episode 2 (9-18-2014)

    While Nathan tries to capture Mara, Duke may be the only person that can stop the trouble overtaking Haven.

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