Olympus News

10 CRAZY Things that Happened in Season 1 of Olympus

Jul 1 - 7:00am

The end is nigh so let's look back at all the ridiculous things that kept us watching this season.

Get to Know Wayne Burns (Lykos) - Olympus' "Other" Son

Jun 18 - 7:00am

He may not have held the key to the Lexicon but Wayne Burns (Lykos) is still pretty darn cool in our book.

Analyze This: Our Relationship Advice for the Couples of Olympus

Jun 5 - 7:00am

We are not licensed psychologists but let's pretend to be for the sake of TV.

Get to Know Olympus' King, Graham Shiels

May 25 - 7:00am

On the show, he's arrogrant, agressive and prone to fits of rage but in real life, Graham Shiels (King Aegeus) is a gentle giant.

The Olympus Mullet is in Good Company

May 21 - 7:00am

Lykos' boyfriend Kimon sports a gnarly mullet and thus we present other important types of mullets in history.

Inspired by Olympus: Famous Sibling Rivalries in Pop Culture

May 7 - 9:00am

Brothers hating their brothers throughout all time goes together like peas and carrots.

Olympus' Oracle Answers 26 Random Questions

Apr 30 - 12:04pm

No guessing games or predictions needed, Olympus' Sonya Cassidy (Oracle) lets us in on a few of her secrets

Olympus' Medea Plays a Game of 26 Questions

Apr 30 - 9:00am

Sonita Henry (Medea) lets her Cleopatra styled hair down and answers 26 random questions.