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10 CRAZY Things that Happened in Season 1 of Olympus

Wednesday, July 1, 2015 - 07:00

The end is nigh so lets look back at all the ridiculous things that kept us watching this season - in no particularly order of crazy. And if you want to see more  "Wait! Whoa... HA?!" things, tune in to the Season Finale on Thursday, July 2 at 11/10c.

  1. Hero's real name is cursed and cannot be said out loud, so Medea and Aegeus have a naming ceremony for him where they decide to call him... "Hero". Because that is completely original.

  2. Ariadne and Hero's relationship went from 0 to 100 in a manner of minutes in Episode 9. She loves him (all of a sudden), he loves her NOT but when she cries, sure fine - Hero decides that he loves her back. See for yourselves.

  3. Kimon, Lykos' scribe slash lover, is actually Lykos' half brother! This in and of itself is SHOCKING enough but what's more shocking (read: gross) is that uncle Pallas knowingly set his two nephews up.

  4. Ariadne and her dad share interesting accents and kinky bondage fetishes. The King and his daughter try talking (literally) Oracle and Hero, respectively, into sleeping with them by basically demanding that Oracle and Hero sleep with them...or else!

  5. Ariadne tries to seduce Oracle ... after her father fails to seduce Oracle. Persistent little devils, those Minoses.

  6. Back in the day Aegeus and Hero's mom sported matching Jheri Curls. Heee! Oh but to the point - in this flashback, Aegeus announced to Hero's future mom, immediately after sex, that he  "passed on" the curse of the Lexicon to her womb. Sexy.

  7. Exactly two episodes before Hero declared his undying love for Ariadne, he declared his undying love for Oracle.

  8. Lykos defends Aegeus' honor while they're in prison. Lykos is killed and Aegeus cries for his kingdom, not his son.

  9. We find out through ghostly flashbacks that Medea killed her first two sons, Tisander and Alcimenes, because she was mad at their father for leaving her. Uh...

  10. Hero has sex with Medea - his STEPMOTHER - to "thaw out the fog" she's imposed upon the City with her icy heart. Hero does not "pass on" the Lexicon to her womb as his dad did to his mom. And for THAT we are grateful.