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Inspired by Olympus: Famous Sibling Rivalries in Pop Culture

Thursday, May 7, 2015 - 09:00

In Olympus, Lykos HATES his long lost brother, Hero. So in the spirit of sibling rivalries we present to you some of the most "Omg you guyssss! Stop fighting!" battles between brothers.

  1. Loki & Thor of Avengers Fame

    Men are from Mars and Loki is from Asgard. Loki was never a fan of his big brother, Thor, so when the baby child of Odin found out that Odin was in fact NOT the father, the tension between the two (mostly from Loki's side of the fence) heightened.
  2. Bobby & J.R. Ewing of Dallas Fame

    Before Jamal and Andre (Empire) were mere twinkles in Lucious Lyon's eye, the long standing feud between Bobby and J.R. pretty much drove the plot lines for this long running nighttime soap.
  3. Black Panther vs. Jakarra of Marvel Fame

    Jakarra is the less-successful of the brothers Panther and thus tries to win his father's affection by any means necessary— tantrums and transformations into an overgrown purple scaly monster included.
  4. Scar vs. Mufasa of Lion King Fame

    "Mufasaaaaa. Ohhhhh, say it again. Mufasssaaaa" [insert the snarky, cackling voices of the hyenas here]. If your name was Scar and your brother, Mufasa was the head lion in charge and the sun of Pride Rock basically rose and set on his ass, you'd be a little jealous too. Maybe not jealous enough to push him from a cliff into his death, but pretty darn miffed for sure.
  5. Fredo vs. Michael Corleone of The Godfather Fame

    Two brothers, one nasty family feud. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. That's all Fredo wanted, guys. That's all.

  6. Alan vs. Charlie of Two and a Half Men Fame

    This brotherly squabble may be on the tame side of things in comparison to everyone else on this list [insert generous laugh track here] but their constant nipping at one another - however comical - is worth noting. Also, watching Charlie Sheen's real life (one sided) Twitter beef with Jon Cryer unfold was hilarious. #tigerblood
  7. Jim Harbaugh vs. John Harbaugh of San Francisco and Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XLVII fame

    Nothing hurts worse than when your brother (John Harbaugh) snatches Super Bowl glory away from you. We're sure that Thanksgivings in the Harbaugh family house are plenty awkward.