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Olympus: 7 Famous Rings in Pop Culture History

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - 11:14
As Hero searches for his birthright - the Ring of the Magi - we're highlighting a collection of some of the most famous rings in pop culture history. Also, yes, we're using the term ring loosely - so basically any type of stone or pin or circular like accessory that held majestic properties is getting props from us right now.   
  1. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 

    Ring Name:
    One Ring (AKA the Ruling Ring AKA Precioussssss)
    Why It's Majestic: It gives its wearer the power to control or influence those wearing the other Rings of Power (The Nine, The Seven & The Three). 

  2. Green Lantern

    Ring Name:
    Power Rings 
    Why It's Majestic: In darkest day and blackest night, no evil shall escape the ring wearer's sight. These babies give their wearers the ability to manipulate green energy into any shape they can think of.

  3. Iron Man

    Ring Names:
    The Ten Rings 
    Why It's Majestic: One of Iron Man's archfoes wears ten rings - one for each finger - that allow him to rearrange matter, freeze stuff and more. This, of course, makes him the most well accessorized superhero since The Wasp.
  4. Beyonce 

    Ring (Song) Name: "Single Ladies"
    Why It's Majestic: Well, it's Beyonce. Duh.

  5. The Ring

    Ring Name: N/A (Basically, the Ring is just a symbol in a VHS tape from Hell)
    Why It's Majestic: It's not! It's scary as hell! It also makes this girl, Samira, jump outta your TV and kill you while working Korean Water Ghost realness.

  6. Ring Pops

    Ring: Ring Pops, as seen above
    Why It's Majestic: Just look at it! This extremely sophisticated and beautiful piece of jewelry is also edible. Eight year old girls (and boys) would wear these things and feel so fancy.
  7. JLo's Canary Diamond 

    Ring Name: Bennifer
    Why It's Majestic: "Her love don't cost a thing" but that ring sure cost a pretty penny.