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Olympus: Cliff Notes to Watch

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 - 11:41
Greek Mythology not your thing? Fret not, there's something about Olympus for non-historians and nerds alike!  
Fun Facts: 
  1. The setting takes place 4000 years ago in Ancient Greece (shocker). 
  2. Purists beware! The names of some of your favorite players in Greek lore are the same but the story lines have changed. The tone is darker and the speech is modern(!).
  3. The Lexicon is a BIG DEAL and if unlocked it can translate into a map that leads the way to Olympus - home of the gods and their immortal power. Immortality that all greedy humans want to get their hands on of course.  
  4. Only one man possess the power to unlock the Lexicon. It wouldn't be much of a ***SHOW*** [jazz hands] without a ***Chosen One***[high kick], right?  
  5. It's not a secret (well, not to us) that Hero is the Chose One/Gatekeeper of the Lexicon but nobody else about town knows this tidbit-- not even Hero himself at first. 
The Players: 

He holds the key to unlocking the Lexicon. So although he's the bastard son of King Aegeus, don't feel bad for him, he's doing alright for himself. 

The name is self explanatory. She can see things in a Psychic Friends type of way.

He's the resident crabby, disheveled and brilliant mad scientist. Also he's played by Matt Frewer, dude that played Max Headroom. 

Queen B (in more ways than one) and wife of King Aegeus. She wants that Lexicon unlocked because she's (not surprisingly) power-hungry. 
King Aegeus

He and his wife, Madea, wear his and hers matching jerk crowns.

He's the son of Medea and King Aegeus. Feel bad for him. 
King Minos

He's the richest most powerful King in Ancient Greece and he's a bully. Go figure. 

If you like a pampered princess whose idea of fun is bondage - this is the girl for you!  

He's a nice guy, so we assume he'll be finishing after the guy who finishes last.

He hides behind religion to manipulate the faithful. So basically he prays to himself at night. 
Want to know more, more more! Well, watch the episode tonight at 10/9c and if you can't wait until then get a preview of the season with this exclusive First Look gallery.