Tom York

Hero, the bastard son of King Aegeus, is the holder of the Lexicon (the secret code that allows man to enter Olympus). In a sense, Hero is the Gods’ "canary in the coal mine”: If he - or any other human for that matter - knocks at Olympus' door, Zeus knows that Man has exceeded his status and is on the verge of becoming a threat. But Hero doesn’t care about the Lexicon (he’s not even aware of it at first). He’s an honest, simple man who just wants to understand his past. What he doesn’t know is that journey will reveal his destiny.

About Tom York

Tom York is a British actor from Hampshire who at the unusually young age of 17 was accepted into the world-renowned drama school LAMDA in London. He studied for four years, during which time he played many roles ranging from Shakespeare's Hamlet, to Shakespeare himself in Peter Whelan's The School Of Night. Before being offered the lead in Syfy's Olympus, Tom appeared as a recurring role in Fox's Tyrant.