King Aegeus

Graham Shiels

Arrogant, aggressive, prone to fits of rage. King Aegeus of Athens is, quite frankly, a real jerk.

Groomed to rule, Aegeus always believed he held the key to the Lexicon, a secret code that allows humans to enter the gates of Olympus. Upon having a son, the Lexicon left Aegeus for his first born, causing him to lose some of his luster - and officially tipped his ratio of speaking to screaming in favor of the latter. Thankfully, his wife Medea tolerates him. 

About Graham Shiels

Graham is a graduate of Yale School of Drama and has recurred on major networks playing the iconic characters of Solomon Grundy on The CW's Arrow, the blood thirsty vampire Liam in the premiere season of HBO and Alan Ball's True Blood, and the arch-villain Victor Krane on Disney XD's hit comedy Lab Rats. Feature film work includes Jim Carrey's Yes Man and the Marvel features Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: The Dark World.

You can follow him on Twitter @GrahamShiels