Olympus Episodes


Access to Olympus is granted, but not everyone survives the journey.

Hero and his crew reach Olympus, where a god awaits them.

While Daedalus realizes the truth about the Gods, Hero enters an epic showdown with King Minos.

Oracle realizes the truth about the Lexicon, while Hero begins the feats needed to fulfill his destiny.

Two - you read it two - main characters bite the dust. But who?

Athens is invaded, Ariadne kidnaps Oracle and Daedalus believes he's finally located Olympus.

Hero learns the only way to unlock his destiny is to kill someone he loves. Uh-oh.

Hero turns to an unlikely source for help with his destiny, while the schemes Oracle, Lykos and Medea schemes have dire consequences for a familiar face.

Hero makes contact with King Aegeus, while Lykos plots against his father by aligning with his biggest enemy: Minos.

Hero, Oracle and Daedalus are kidnapped by ruthless King Minos and his S&M loving daughter, Ariadne.