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About Opposite Worlds

In Opposite Worlds, 14 people face off on opposing teams that live in a house separated into two distinctly different worlds: one past and one future, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. One by one they will eliminated, with the final standing player crowned Opposite Worlds champion and winning $100,000.

Adding to the drama is a glass wall dividing the house into the two environments, allowing the teams to watch, envy and dread each other's every move. Every week, cast members compete in a series of fast-paced challenges that determine where each team lives, as well as who stays….and who goes home. Amidst all of this, viewers will be asked to participate in real time on Twitter and affect the outcome of each player's fate.

Look at an infographic of how the game works.

Viewers can impact the game, too. Here's how:


Twitter Popularity Index

By tweeting about the players, you help determine their popularity. The most and least popular will be given weekly rewards and punishments that can help (or hurt) their gameplay. So get involved and tweet what you feel about a player using their name and #Oppositeworlds (ex: "Love Jane! #oppositeworlds").  You MUST use their name as written on the site - nicknames or their personal twitter handles will not count towards their popularity. Remember, it's not how MANY tweets a player gets, but how you FEEL about them that determines popularity – so don't hold back!  You can monitor popularity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week right here. Check back often - it's always changing!

Rewards and Punishments

Every week the most popular player gets rewarded and the least popular player gets punished... all based on how you've been tweeting about them. But WHAT they get is all up to you. After every Wednesday show, you'll be able to decide the rewards and punishments doled out – which will be showcased in the following Tuesday episode.

See an infographic of how this works here. 


Voting For The Decider

The biggest decision of Opposite Worlds is in your hands. After every Tuesday episode, you'll be able to vote for "The Decider," the player that decides who stays….and who goes home. The results are revealed LIVE on Wednesday's episode, where the weekly elimination takes place!

See an infographic of how this works here.

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