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Live: Finale
Season 1 - Episode 12
Live: Finale
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It's the grand finale of Opposite Worlds, and only one player will go home $100,000 and a whole lot of bragging rights richer. Who will it be?  

The final four return to their posh digs only to be greeted by platters of decadent sushi and an ice sculpture that doubles as a funnel for blue shots of liquor. After dinner, the quartet breaks out into a spontaneous rap that lyricizes their uphill journey to the final round. What exactly was in that firewater, how much of it did they consume, and also, when will the bound-to-be hit single be released on vinyl?

The four remaining players gather in the present, where Luke asks them questions America has submitted via the Twittersphere. The first question asks if Jeffry cries this much at home, implying that his tears are just a ploy. Jeffry comes clean: yeah, he's been faking it. One directed at JR queries if the thought ever passed his mind to take the dive in that final Worldly Challenge: JR admits that he did consider it, but changed his mind when he remembered Frank's family watching at home, and how they would feel if they saw Frank ejected someone anticlimactically. JR also did not want to incur the wrath of the beast. Through Twitter, Jesse connects with Frank, asking him if the rest of the contenders are still as lazy as ever. Looks like Frank and Jesse are going to be bffae's. A cyber-Casanova wonders if Samm has a boyfriend, and, if not, what she looks for in an eligible mate. Turns out, Samm is single, and that she's actually into really unconventional guys – those who are smart and funny. 

After the Q&A is over, Luke reveals whom America has chosen as the Protected on the eve of the night's first Duel of Destiny. With a sweeping majority, Frank was elected as the Protected player, and as such is fast-tracked into the final round while the other players will compete amongst themselves. The first Duel of Destiny is a battle of the minds: Luke will ask Jeffry, JR, and Samm six questions whose answers will either be Chronos or Epoch, and will test their knowledge and recollection of the past six weeks. A right answer equals a point, and the player with the most points will move into the final round. Can someone say who wants to be a one-hundred-grand-ionnaire?

JR and Jeffry take an early lead with three points each, as opposed to Samm who only has one to her name. JR sneaks by with a narrow lead with four points after being the only one to answer correctly a question about the very first Duel of Destiny.  Everyone blanks on the fifth question – except for Luke, who knows the answer because it's staring him in the face on a notecard – leaving JR with his one point lead. The last question also harkens back to the first episode, specifically about that decisive first Worldly Challenge. Though Samm answers correctly, JR does too, and consequently beats outs his competitors and wins a ticket to the final round against Frank. Jeffry and Samm should have studied their flashcards more the night before, instead of writing more verses to their celebration rap.

Before JR and Frank engage in the ultimate duel, Luke gives the beast a chance to address his family on camera, the family that has kept him motivated throughout the entire competition. Frank starts to tear up when promising his boys a $100,000 souvenir, proving even a human body as ripped as Frank's is still made up of 90% water, albeit a little salty. In JR's confessional before the ultimate Duel of Destiny, he remains confident in his abilities and undaunted by Frank's stature, speed, agility, strategy, brawn, strength, and everything else that would make someone who's not JR run the other way.

It is finally time for the last Duel of Destiny, which will crown the first Opposite Worlds victor, and bestow upon him a cool one hundred grand. JR and Frank will have to leap up a series of platforms to surmount a tower, before descending the structure again, but this time through bungee cord crosshairs. Next the contenders must dart out past the arena to freestanding puzzle structures and solve them to unlock a globe inside, carry that globe with them as they scale a rope wall to the highest platform where they will find a shoot. The first player to insert their globe into the shoot will unlock the trophy inside it, and take home the grand prize. Anyone who can accurately remember all those steps in proper order should at least be thrown $20, right?

The duel commences, and Frank leads JR by only a small lead, both guys leaping up the platforms like sapiens. Both players use the "I'll just fall" strategy when descending through the corded webbing, reaching the floor almost simultaneously. Frank unhooks himself from his safety harness first, and dashes for the puzzle, followed by JR only seconds behind him. To complete the puzzle, the players must remove metal rods from a tower in such a way as to allow the small globe to fall unimpeded to the ground. It's kind of like a high-stakes game of Jenga. Nearly losing his lead to JR, Frank ultimately releases the globe from the tower, and makes for the home stretch. JR still working to obtain his globe, Frank clips the safety cord onto his harness and plunges into the cargo net.

As JR struggles with the puzzle, Frank scales the rope wall with poise. Frank makes it to the summit of the arena, stands tall, and before he tosses the globe down the shoot, he attempts to relieve himself of his skin-tight shirt (again). As fireworks explode, Frank has his compression top almost over his neck, and is crowned the very first Opposite Worlds champion. That six-week, age-old question, "Who will overcome the past, who will control the future, and who will win over America," has been answered, and that "who" is Frank

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