Outer Space AstronautsEpisodes

Diplomatic Hat
Season 1 - Episode 101
Diplomatic Hat

With a sense of camaraderie, Captain Ripley invites some new alien friends aboard the U.S.S. Oklahoma for pizza night. With dinner plans locked in, Commander Amos has his hands full with their diplomatic agent Ka'ak, a vampy member of the alien race. But little do the OSA team know that the aliens are interested in more than the pizza, they want the whole ship ... and the pizza!

When the alien enemies launch their attack, Captain Ripley figures it'll be easier to throw in the towel and press the ship's self-destruct button. You know, because fighting is hard and takes lots of energy. But in a twist ending Pinto saves the day, the enemy ship is destroyed and the OK prevails. And although Ka'ak is now the only remaining alien survivor, she's not too sad because she's having fun with her new found Earth team.

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