Paranormal WitnessTop 10 Scariest Movies Based on Actual Events

Top 10 Scariest Movies Based on Actual Events

10. Wolf Creek and The Hills Have Eyes

There are any number of "wrong turn" horror stories warning travelers to keep to the safety of the well-marked, well-trafficked path, and while few, if any, are uber-accurate depictions of actual events, a few of these films claim to draw from specific instances of off-road murder.

Wes Craven reportedly based The Hills Have Eyes on a 16th century Scottish clansman who ruled a gang of 40 cannibals, kidnapping and eating travelers across the countrywide. Drawing from more modern instances, filmmaker Greg McLean altered his formerly fictional script to reflect the events surrounding the work of two serial killers in the Australian Outback.

The moral of this story is that Rand McNally is the least likely serial killer alive.


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