Paranormal WitnessTop 10 Scariest Movies Based on Actual Events

Top 10 Scariest Movies Based on Actual Events

8. The Mothman Prophecies

There's something distinctly unsettling about The Mothman Prophecies, a largely under-appreciated film from director Mark Pellington that offers vastly more questions than it ever does answers.

Based loosely upon events that occurred in Point Pleasant, West Virginia between 1966 and 1967, the film is based in part on the book by John Keel, tracking the appearance of a large, winged creature – dubbed the Mothman – sighted throughout the town leading up to the 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge, killing 46 people.

While the film is a modernized and largely more "surreal" re-telling of that story, the mythology of the Mothman and its reported connection to UFOs and other unexplained phenomenon throughout history should be more than enough to drive viewers back to the book upon which the film is based.

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