Paranormal WitnessHow to Watch and Get a Good Night's Sleep

How to Survive Watching Paranormal Witness and Still Sleep At Night

Watching Paranormal Witness is a great way to scare yourself silly, but what happens when the end credits roll and it's time to turn in?  Here are a few ideas to sooth rattled nerves and clear your head:

1. Keep That Cell Phone Handy
You might have a better chance of falling asleep knowing that help is close by. The question is, who you gonna call? There's no local emergency number for a paranormal encounter that we know of, but since most cell phones come with a built-in camera, at least you'll have a shot at documenting a paranormal event should something unexpected materialize in your bedroom. Just remember to drop the phone if you're dragged away so local authorities have a record of your disappearance.

2. Repeat "It's Only a TV Show"
The only downside to this approach is, well, the show's stories are based on actual events.  Let us know if you have any luck.

3. Check Under the Bed
Let's face it, the thought of something reaching out from under your bed and grabbing your ankle is about the scariest thing there is. A quick peek under the bed for poltergeists and aliens will alleviate those fears. Do it with a dust buster and you'll kill two birds with one stone.

4. Sleep During the Day
Who says you need to sleep at night? Those creaks and thuds echoing through your abode sound a lot less menacing when the sun is shining.

5. Stay Close to the One You Love
Expressing your fears to a significant other is a great way to calm rattled nerves. This approach has one drawback: describing a story you saw on "Paranormal Witness" might get your paramour as freaked out as you are. 

6. Avoide a Grave Situation
There are lots of reasons why a ghost might choose to haunt your house, but living on land that was once the site of an ancient burial ground is begging for trouble. A phone call to your local county records department to ensure you're not bedding down over buried bodies is a great way to put your mind at ease.  If it turns out you are living on hallowed earth, you should consider relocating to a new zip code.

7. Exercise Those Spirits Away
You can't expect to survive an encounter with the supernatural if you can't lift yourself out of bed, so a proper exercise regimen, combined with easing off those pork rinds, will help you confront your worst fears should they become reality.

8. Prepare for The Great Escape
People stage preparedness drills for things like fires, hurricanes and earthquakes. We suggest plotting out multiple escape routes in the event you have a close encounter with the unknown. This may involve relocating to the couch in the living room, but hey, peace of mind trumps a soft mattress. 


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