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Before Superman, Spider-Man, and Batman, there was The Phantom, the greatest legend in the annals of 20th century comic-book crime fighting. Now, the immortal superhero returns to strike terror in the hearts of villains around the world - and to inspire a new generation to believe in the Ghost Who Walks.

Four hundred years ago, Kit Walker, sole survivor of a pirate raid, washed up on a remote Bangalla beach. Fashioning a costume from a pirate's plunder, Kit became The Phantom, devoting himself to fighting injustice. Today, handsome young Kit, twenty-first in the family line, is living in the States with his aunt and uncle when his father is killed at the hands of the Singh Brotherhood in Bangalla. Kit says goodbye to his life as a free-spirited youth, returns to the mysterious Skull Cave of his ancestors, utters the sacred oath of generations, and inherits the mantle of his father.

Ryan Carnes (Desperate Housewives/Dr. Who) stars as The Phantom and his alter ego in this re-imagined version of the classic comic book transported to present day. Isabella Rossellini (Blue Velvet) guest stars as Lithia, the head of an experimental mind control program. Also starring are Sandrine Holt (24/The L Word) as The Phantom's trusted advisor, and Cameron Goodman as Walker's love interest, Renny. Paolo Barzman (The Last Templar) directs.

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