The New World
Season 1 - Episode 1
The New World

We open on a pair of adventurous youngsters base-jumping off a building. The woman lands, and yells, "That was awesome!" She radios her friend, Jack: "Are you down? Jack?" Oh, Jack's down all right. A Pteranodon has him pinned by his chute strings, and it really doesn't end well for him.

Cut to our hero, Evan Cross (Niall Matter), sprinting through the underbrush with a tracking device. An older guy, Drake (Tom Butler), huffs along behind him. Just as they get to what looks like a Star Trek teleportation in progress, the sparkly portal closes. Drake worries that he's slowing Cross down as, behind a tree, a stranger listens suspiciously (If you watched the UK Primeval, you'll recognize him).

Later, Cross heads back to his posh office, and falls into an unpleasant flashback involving another sparkly portal, an Albertosaurus eating his wife, and getting saved in the nick of time by the stranger from the park.

And speaking of the park, Drake is at the "crime scene," pretending he doesn't know what kind of animal could have mauled Jack that way. Dylan Weir (Sara Canning) arrives with his coffee and no-duh insight that, based on what's left of Jack, a bear couldn't have done this to him.

Cross arrives at work -- at Cross Photonics, where he's the big cheese. Mac Rendell (Danny Rahim) wheelies his motorbike into Cross's spot, and instead of getting fired for being annoying, he's "promoted" to Special Projects. That may mean a pay bump; it definitely means he gets to meet CFO Ange Finch (Miranda Frigon) and listen to her yell at Cross for "capitalizing" Special Projects with corporate funds, listen to tech wiz Toby Nance (Crystal Lowe) enthuse about the frambus whatever she wants to set up in the park, and go out on a stakeout with basically no warning that he's hunting time-travelling dinos.

Guess who else wasn't told that? The cyclists who zip into a park tunnel, scream loudly, and get eaten.

Back at base, the stranger -- actually Connor Temple, the Cross of the British series -- is breaking into Cross's office and stealing a broken tracker of some sort that's hidden inside Cross's wife's picture. Cross himself is trying to get information out of Dylan when they both stumble across the portal in the tunnel. She asks if it's dangerous, and he says it is, but when a Utahraptor appears to toothily block their exit, Dylan decides it can't be that dangerous, and hurls Cross through the portal. On the other side, she lands on top of him -- romantical! -- and then the dino almost lands on both of them. Dylan says "Oh, my God" about six hundred times before they jump back from the land before time through the portal to the present. But the dino follows them again.

At HQ, everyone's peeved -- Ange that Cross is only "starting" to find answers after all the money he's spent, Toby that nobody told her what the portals did, and Dylan that Drake totally knew there were raptors running around and didn't tell her. Ange wants to "report this," but Cross is like, "To whom?", which, good point, but he can't stick around, because Drake is stupidly investigating some train tunnels with a too-small gun.

Sure enough, Drake gets killed, leaving Dylan to catalog his injuries while struggling not to cry. Cross watches this, but then Temple pulls him aside. He shows Cross the device and gives him a warning: "Leave it alone." Continuing down this path is dangerous; he'll create a mass panic and unravel history if he keeps messing with the time-space continuum. "Put everything back where it came from. You understand?" Cross snorts that it's not so simple, but Temple is well aware.

It gets worse; Dylan realizes from comparing Drake's injuries to Jack's that they don't just have one dino roaming around in the present; it's two, and now a kid has gone missing.

Back at HQ, Ange dials almost everyone in the Canadian government until she finds Lt. Ken Leeds (Geoff Gustafson), the RCAF's equivalent of Fox Mulder. He's in a dingy basement, surrounded by old TVs and vintage desk lamps, wearing a cardigan and using a rotary phone. But he has a file on Cross and nothing else to do, so when Cross needs to get past the police cordon, Leeds uses his rotary phone to make a coded call.

And off they go. Trevor manages to get on the radio to communicate with the team. Great! The radio is strapped to an arm -- all that's left of the radio's late owner. Less great. And the Pteranodon is perched right above him, preparing to get its lunch on. The team arrives moments later, but shooting it with tranq guns doesn't do much -- when the Utahsaurus materializes and attacks the Pteranodon, the Pteranodon musters enough energy to kill it with a beak whack to the skull, but then it appears they both die.

The team totes the carcesses back to HQ for a debrief, and to stash the corpses in cold storage until they can put them back "when" they belong. Left alone, Cross heads to Bay 42, the same place where his wife was killed. Inside, frozen in a block of ice, is a body, the face of which we don't see...wearing the same badge as Connor Temple. Dun dun dun!

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