Season 1 - Episode 2

After a marine survey team is snapped off the surface of the bay by whatever lurks below the surface, we cut to Ange, showering Cross with compliments on a presentation he's just completed -- probably in an effort to get him psyched about normal, non-prehistoric business matters that, you know, make some money. Cross is receptive, but Lt. Leeds is in the reception area to ruin Ange's momentum. Leeds offers to help with anything Cross needs; Cross pretends he doesn't know what Leeds is on about, and when Leeds blunders that he read the report about Mrs. Cross's death, Cross blows him off.

Dylan, meanwhile, is up for a psych evaluation thanks to 1) the death of her partner, and 2) filing a report on said death in which she attributed it to a dinosaur. She's accosted by a former student, Leo John, whom she'd flunked for claiming that Loch-Ness-monster-type creatures really exist. Leo is determined to prove that the legend of his First Nations people about Sisiutl -- a Nessie-ish sea serpent -- is real, and the footage he's taken of said sea serpent is convincing enough to get Dylan to consult.

At HQ, Toby sets up an anomaly tracker that singles out a likely culprit along some empty coastline...but it's not exactly empty. Those marine surveyors worked for an oil company that's got a tanker depot near the anomaly, and a First Nations protest going on out front. Leo's uncle is leading the sit-in, and he's less interested in helping Detective Harlow find the missing surveyors than he is in spouting every TV truism about disputed Native American land in the book. Enter Dylan to share info with Harlow, who tells her just to tell the shrink what she wants to hear and get her job back.

A quick visit with Mac and Cross, in which Cross hypocritically tells Mac not to take dumb risks, and then it's back to the protest, where Uncle patronizingly reminds Leo that Sisiutl is just a story, an important allegory for their people about transformation that doesn't really exist. Then he accuses Leo of siding with the oil people because they paid for Leo's education. Leo doesn't understand any better than we do what that has to do with proving the existence of "Sissie."

Leo and Dylan head over to the shoreline to investigate further, where they come upon Mac and Cross doing the same thing...and Sissie, surfacing for another snack but somehow ignoring the blissfully clueless kayaker paddling right over her. Once everyone changes their pants, Leo notes that the anomaly matches up with the First Nations version of the legend, which says that Sissie comes through a "water moon." Cross and Dylan ignore this to get into a snit with each other about whether she'll come to work for Special Projects, and in case we didn't notice that their tendency to spar indicates an attraction between them, Mac pipes up, "You two have chemistry."

Dylan and Cross start to find evidence of what became of the surveyors -- in Cross's case, disgustingly pudding-y evidence containing a human head and various cell phones and wristwatches. Harlow keeps haranguing Dylan about lying to keep the job she worked her whole life for while, back at HQ, Toby is haranguing Mac to be careful when he takes the boat out to the anomaly, and Ange is haranguing Toby about whether it's possible to stop the anomalies entirely. Pressed for a yes-or-no answer, Toby says yes, theoretically, with a team of geniuses and a crap-ton of money. That's the answer Ange wants -- from Toby, and later from Leeds, whom she informs that she wants Cross "out of the dinosaur business" so he can get back to making money, and she can get back to taking credit for it.

While Ange is setting herself up as the secret villain of our story, Dylan is getting freaked out by the scaly villain: the "vomitus" Cross found means Sissie is not an eel, but a reptile that can come up on land. This obviously means Cross needs to beat feet, so just as obviously, he tracks Sissie into a sewer system armed with only a pistol. Dylan shucks off her Predator Control jacket, seemingly choosing to ally herself with Cross's team and not her government job, and heads after him with help from Toby's super-mapping skills.

Cross and Sissie keep missing each other in the underground tunnels, but Sissie finally catches up, and is inches away from lunching on Cross when Leo yanks him out of harm's way, noting that the legend states that Sissie only eats the wicked. Wicked or not, Sissie seems to hunt based on sound, and after Dylan has to rescue them both from another close call in a locked storm grate, the team figures out that Sissie's next stop is the tanker facility and all the workers there...and the protestors.

The plan is to draw Sissie back to, and through, the anomaly with the sound of Mac's boat motor. First, Dylan has to remind Leo impatiently that Titanoboa -- Sissie's species -- is extinct, apparently having forgotten that she is on a show about extinct species passing through time portals, but okay. Then Leo and Uncle have to have A Moment where Uncle silences the protestors' drums so as not to draw Sissie to them and get them killed. Then both Dylan and Harlow, who's trying to help by shooting at Sissie, have to re-enact that scene in The Abyss where the aliens imitate the humans' faces with water.

But the plan works: Cross shuts down all the facility's equipment, Dylan and Harlow don't sneeze while Sissie is trying to "hear" them from a foot away, and Sissie withdraws to the bay. Mac's having issues executing, though, because the anomaly has reopened and it's messing with his boat ignition. He MacGyvers a solution involving a power drill and a buoy, and of course it doesn't sink far enough so he has to jump in after it, and everyone is freaking out, but not to worry: Mac is in the credits, so he doesn't get eaten, Sissie whips past his homemade motor and through the anomaly back to her own time, and Dylan agrees to join Cross and the others on Special Projects. (Harlow will be pretending this whole thing was a shark attack in his report.) We fade out on Leo keeping an eye on the water.

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