Fear of Flying
Season 1 - Episode 3
Fear of Flying

Those pesky anomalies! Now they're opening up at airfields and sucking hippie cargo-plane pilots and their newbie co-pilots into the prehistoric past.

After that happens, an alarm goes off at the Toby Cave. She runs to her monitors in her filmy underthings, then phones Cross to alert him to the airfield anomaly. He, in turn, sends Mac over to the airfield to make sure nothing comes out of the anomaly and starts snacking on suburban Vancouver -- and he isn't happy to find Samantha, Mac's girlfriend, on-site and packing a weapon. Mac reassures Cross that he vetted Sam and she's cool, but Cross is hardly listening; he's getting ready to march right through the anomaly to rescue the pilots. Dylan rightly points out that there may be no one alive to rescue, so maybe take a minute? Nope. Cross is going, and Dylan can't let him go alone... they both wind up face-planting in a dusty valley bearing a sad resemblance to a Star Trek: TOS set. They find that sound does not travel through anomalies (calling to Mac for a winch, they get no response), but the pilots, Jim and Pahlavi, made it through unharmed. Well, physically; Pahlavi is freaking out, but Jim, a veteran of the Gulf War, only puts the weirdness at "about a six" compared to what he's seen, and he doesn't think the plane needs too many repairs.

Not so fast: After hearing a gurgling sound, Cross finds Jim getting eaten from within by a prehistoric beetle. Surrounded by a sudden onslaught of the ancient bugs, Cross can only get back to the plane when Dylan sets a parachute on fire and clears a path...and when he does reach safety, he has to tell Pahlavi that Jim is dead.

As Mac paces and expositions to Samantha that Cross saved him from a crappy life in the British Army, and he may have to return the favor, it becomes clear on the other side that beetles have now overrun the entire outside of the plane and started snacking on the windows' seals. Pahlavi is melting down, and Cross mutters that he "could probably build" a plane, but can't fly one, so Pahlavi had better hold it together.

Mac is about to charge through the anomaly when the very large, very hungry mama beetle beats him to it. He and Sam fire on it, but its carapace is too strong, and Mama Beetle just hops over them and heads for the hangar of the airfield. Mac is freaking out, but Sam thinks it's kind of fun. Too bad she can't convince Pahlavi, who is alternately mourning Jim, who had no family; deciding she's had enough and making a panicked break for the plane door; staring into space; and trying to ignore Dylan and Cross flirting with each other about how they'd disturb the course of history by getting stuck in the past and repopulating the planet. Or something. We all know those two will end up Doing It. In the meantime, a beetle somehow rushes up Dylan's shirt, and she has to smash it while it's still up there, because apparently they're not so close to Doing It that Cross wants to rip her shirt off and help her.

Back in the present day, Mac and Sam carry on a debate about whether they're "dating" (Mac thinks they are; Sam rolls her eyes) while also trying to save an innocent airfield employee from getting beetled to death. The giant bug is doing something R-rated to this poor man while Sam and Mac try to flip it over and tranq it from underneath. It's not going much better on the other side; Cross's wiring patch fails because the plane is out of fuel, and they'll just have to hope the portable generator has enough to heave them across the time divide.

Speaking of heaving, the egg sac that Sam fishes out of the airfield employee's throat is reeeeeally gross. The employee, no fool, doesn't wait around for an explanation before sprinting off, and after filling Dylan in on some backstory about Ange (who saved Cross from bankruptcy several times) and his wife (not eaten by a bear, which is Google's "official story"), Cross is done waiting around for Pahlavi to get a grip. He gives her a cheesy but effective pep talk about making Jim Proud, and of course it works. Pahlavi begins her pre-flight checklist, gaining confidence by the moment. Well, until a swarm of beetles compromises the cockpit and eats her. Oops.

What's Plan C? Cross and Dylan cover themselves in fire blankets and do a beautiful dance of sorts towards the anomaly, hoping they can grapple-hook their way back through it. It's not looking good, but on the third try, Mac -- on his way back to the anomaly in his truck to throw Mama Beetle back into the past -- grabs the hook and yanks Dylan and Cross through time. They bring a few beetles with them, though, and it's a neat trick to fling Mama and the bitty beetles back through the anomaly in time, but thanks to the magic of CGI, it works. Mac gives Cross a huge hug, and Cross and Dylan have a somber moment in memory of Jim and Pahlavi. And then everyone goes out for pints...of Deet.

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