Season 1 - Episode 5

A blonde college student is already looking pretty unenthused about a campus capture-the-flag dorm-bonding game -- and a weird growling from the underbrush proves her instincts correct when a reptile/puma-type hybrid chases her into a bike storage unit and menaces her from outside.

At Cross Photonics, a CFO/cougar hybrid -- i.e., Ange -- is menacing Cross about getting a deal with Sun Software or something, which Cross likes the sound of, because it means he won't have to depend on Lt. Leeds for funding (Leeds, presumably busy caring for the prehistoric bird baby he stole last week, is unseen this episode). And at Mac's house, he and Sam shower together and he tries to get her to want the house key he's wearing around his neck; she doesn't, but she's warming to the idea of them as a couple. The Flute of Foreshadowing tootles romantically as they smooch...

....and then the Alarm of Anomalies goes off and ruins everyone's night with a "delayed alert" (as Toby explains, the servers, of which she doesn't have enough, have to crunch every cell signal in the city to narrow down anomalocations). This one is on a university campus, and the good news is that it's already closed. Cross grunts that that news is only good if nothing came through.

After trying and failing to put Sam off of helping out, Mac meets up with the rest of the team at Flag U. Dylan deduces based on eavesdropping that it's a canine ancestor of some sort, because of how the creature circled Blondie away from the "herd," and everyone sets off to track Jurassie through the underbrush and into a library. A sequence that reminds us of chasing our cats through the house to take them to the vet follows, and while Dylan notes that the creature isn't hunting, but rather "hiding" in unfamiliar territory, they still have to tase the heck out of it when it sneaks up behind them.

Toting Jurassie through the library wrapped in a rug like it's a Mafia hit victim, the team argues about what to do with the dino-dog; Mac suggests killing it, but the others remind him that "one snowball can turn into an avalanche," and what if this is one of homo sapiens' ancestors. (It does look kind of like one of our cousins.) Cross decides to store the tranquilized dino-dog at HQ, and tells Mac to call Sam to bring the armored van. Sam is thrilled to be included. Mac is the opposite when the comatose creature pees all over him.

Back at HQ, Cross makes up a story about a prototype for Pearson, who is apparently Sam's fellow security guard (and who apparently has no compunction about correcting the owner's grammar -- but he did have a point). While Sam and Pearson play poker and Toby and Mac find out from Blondie that she didn't see an anomaly (and we find out that Toby dumped her football-captain college boyfriend because they both got involved with the same cheerleader), Clarinets of Future Romance play over Dylan researching the creature (it's a Lycaenops, a "wolf-faced" giant lizard) and joking about creating a permanent prehistoric game preserve.

Meanwhile, the anomaly reopens, disgorges a second Lycaenops, and closes again while Toby and Mac are arguing about her theory.

The mood soon darkens, though, when the creature in the van wakes up and Pearson decides to investigate. It takes Sam quite a long time to run down quite a short hallway to rescue him, only to find Lycaenops snacking on Pearson's throat. It turns on her, her tranq gun fails, and it chases her to the elevator. Credit to Sam for confronting it with a baton, but the effort fails and she's killed as well.

Naturally, everyone's blaming him- or herself, Dylan for insufficient tranquilizers, Cross for letting Sam join them. Mac is happy to blame Cross but more interested in killing the creatures (the second one has shown up on Toby's CCTV cams by now), over the pained objections of the others, who keep insisting that not returning the Lycaenopses to the past will change the future. Dylan does say that, once an animal has killed, it has to be destroyed, them's the rules -- unless there's something Cross isn't telling her? Cross avoids her eyes. Off Mac goes for vengeance, but the creature urine he's coated with means they can track him too, and when he finally gives in to Dylan's nagging to take a shower, that's when one of the Jurassies attacks him.

Mac whangs Very Old Yeller with a fire extinguisher, and it runs off; meanwhile, its mate is stalking Toby, who manages to lure it into a crossfire (no pun intended) and escape unscathed. As Jurassie lies bleeding to death, Very Old Yeller approaches to sniff it, sadly, and Mac murders it. Cross is about to say something, but Mac demands, "What are you going to say to make it better, huh?" There's nothing, of course. Cross closes the office for the week, works up a cover story, and goes over to Ange's house to cry in her arms.

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