Clean Up on Aisle Three
Season 1 - Episode 6
Clean Up on Aisle Three

It's hard to believe it took this long for an anomaly to open in a Canadian Tire, but that's what happens this week. The doomed security guard on duty is bugging out to a Bollywood dance number he's watching on his laptop -- understandably -- and doesn't notice the kangaroo-sized dinosaurs skittering around in the background...until one of them knocks over a plant.

Over at Cross Photonics, Ange has brought Cross Chinese food. According to their longstanding Chinese-food shorthand, pot stickers mean bad news, and Ange's is that she's gotten a job offer that she's seriously considering, not least because people keep dying and it's only a matter of time before Cross is one of them. He sensitively responds to her concerns by rushing off when Toby pages him about the latest anomaly... meet Dylan outside Canadian Tire. She's in date gear, but she's not the one hitting Cross with the major guilt trip; that's Mac's job. Not sure why he's not on desk duty until he processes Samantha's death, but he's on the job and big-time sulky about having to promise not to use deadly force. Dylan's brought a new weapon, a single-taser-bolt...something that should allow them to contain prehistoric visitors without having to kill them.

While Lieutenant Leeds is video-voicemailing Ange in his usually charmingly inept fashion to call a secret meeting, the team breaks in to CT and fries the hard drives and cameras. A blood stain reveals that the guard is no more, and Dylan follows the trail to the anomaly and pulls the guard's body out of it. Well, the lower half of his body, anyway. Ew.

Cut to Leeds and Ange having a secret-meeting picnic with hors d'oeuvres and wine. Ange insists it isn't a date, but is fiscally turned on to hear that Leeds got a "full operational allocation" to help with the anomaly stuff. Said stuff has taken a darkish turn, with Dylan praying over the guard's legs and Mac glowering into the anomaly...until Dylan notices that shiny things are going missing, in the style of crows and raccoons stealing keys. While leaving a trail of dog kibble to lure the dinaroos back towards the anomaly, Dylan notes that Cross takes Ange for granted, and if he wants her to stay, he'll have to say so. They commiserate about the fact that they can't realistically date outside the team's cone of silence, and Dylan presses Cross on whether there's more to his relationship with Ange than friendship while, elsewhere, a dinaroo steals Mac's sunglasses and enrages him further.

But when a dinaroo [actually a daemonosaurus, but their size makes it hard to think of them as d(a)emonic] breaks its friend out of a trap and then steals the team's guns and radios, it is on. Armed with hockey sticks in true Canadian fashion, Cross and Dylan spank one dino into a ball display and chase others off with a leaf blower (hee!) while Mac is destroying the office in an attempt to shoot still another one. It locks him in. Geared up in street-hockey pads, Cross and Dylan set Mac free, then take off after the alpha dino, taunting it with tinfoil, knocking it out with a body slam, and sending it back through the anomaly in the hopes that the betas will go after it. Success (Although a crane shot reveals that the warehouse is completely trashed)!

Leeds gets a car for a tipsy Ange, reassures his colonel he won't screw up this time, and arranges for a clean-up of the warehouse while Dylan tells Cross to give Mac time to grieve -- but don't take too much time telling Ange how he really feels about her leaving. Later, Mac complains to Dylan that she's still got a chance with her date, David, as "he's still alive," and they both look depressed by their romantic prospects...

...while Cross interrupts Ange's phone call accepting the other job offer with a Chinese-food delivery of his own. He brought wontons -- the good-news appetizer -- and she notices that he's removed his wedding band. "I need a change," he tells her, and we don't think he means a new haircut.

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