A flood of emotions pours over Riese when she learns that her brother, Arkin, is alive - her heart swells to know that a piece of her family still lives, but, now that The Sect has transformed him into their perfect follower, is he still her brother? These questions burn in her mind, but for now, she must escape Vidar. As she runs through the streets, the lost boys encircle her, impeding her path. Mahren, their leader, finds her and approaches her. Although she came to help, she has no choice but to fight this monstrosity. The battle is fierce, but Riese is the combatant with her wits about her. In the end, she triumphs. Their captain dead, the other boys let Riese walk free.

In an attempt to maintain control of her throne, Amara calls Trennan to her chambers in the middle of the night, where she states that she cannot trust him, and that he must leave. Desperate, Trennan refuses, informing the empress that she needs him. Amara toys with him and draws the information from him: The Sect is distracting her with the hunt for Riese, but the real threat is coming in the form of Arkin, who will take the throne as the Anointed One.

Both Amara and Trennan risk their lives in this partnership, and so trust each other implicitly, but unbeknownst to either of them, Marlise is lurking in the shadows, ready to reveal the secrets of their pact to Herrick and the Priestess.

Riese, exhausted and heartbroken, stumbles along a new road, searching for a way to save her brother and her kingdom, and, while her guard is down, two of Herrick's henchmen ensnare her and Fenrir. Just as Riese is about to give up, Rand bursts forth from the trees, striking the men down and liberating Riese. Rand's lieutenants and followers slowly appear - but so do Herrick and more of his thugs. As the two factions battle, Riese realizes that she will never be able to give up, but will always have to fight until justice is restored.