Seeking refuge from Herrick's bloodthirsty thugs, Riese ducks into the closest shelter, only to find it to be the home of a young mother and her child. Riese's conscience speaks where her sense knows to keep quiet: She asks the mother how they could do this, how they could let the Sect take their children. The mother spits back that they had no choice. The townspeople tried to fight, but anyone who resisted was killed. The Sect made their rules clear.

Riese slips out of Helmkin by the grace of her royal stealth, and she and Fenrir continue on their long path in search of a safety that may or may not exist. But before she does, she finds Hannah and gives her the one chance she has to reunite her budding family: The ledger stolen from the desk in the warehouse. It is a catalogue of all the children stolen from Helmkin, detailing their destinations, and a map to where Hannah's lost child is now.

A frustrated Herrick finds the doctor and delivers the grim news that Riese has escaped. The doctor, knowing his life is effectively over, presses Herrick for the true identity of the girl, and as Herrick utters the words, he ends the doctor's life. Having completed the task of killing everyone involved in letting Riese slip away, Herrick orders Trennan to empty the baby warehouse and burn Helmkin to the ground. Trennan is disturbed by this unmerciful decree, but is powerless to stop it, or even object.

When Rand learns of the fate of Helmkin - that it was decimated after a female heretic went missing - he orders his troops to neighboring Vidar, where a lot of activity has been reported lately. His underlings balk, but Rand knows that this is a sign that Riese is near, and victory is closer than ever.